Chaba & Co, Kukicha
Chaba & Co, Kukicha
Chaba & Co, Kukicha

Chaba & Co, Kukicha

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Description of Chaba & Co, Kukicha

Kukicha, sometimes called twig tea or stem tea, is a sencha variant where the stems of the tea plant are used along with the leaves. Some kukichas use the stems alone, but this master-blender kukicha uses an elegant mix of leaf and delicate stem pieces for a very well-balanced cup.
This tea brews very easily and whether your water is a little hotter or cooler, and whether your steeping time is a little shorter or longer. It also makes fantastic mizudashi (cold brew) and a sublime koridashi (ice brew).

  • Sourced from Shizuoka, Japan
  • Flavor profile:  Sweet wet grass right up front, with rolling umami next. Well-rounded with soft saline notes, an excellent blend. Easy pouring, easy drinking.
  • Product #: CHC01
  • Code: NWS