Bandana Mizuhiki Red

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  • Bandana Mizuhiki Red
  • Bandana Mizuhiki Red
  • Bandana Mizuhiki Red
  • Bandana Mizuhiki Red

The classic American bandana first popularized by Hollywood cowboys was originally influenced by Indian textiles, patterns, and dyeing methods. Our printed patterns are designed to look like American-style bandanas, but are made up of Japanese symbols and patterns.

Mizuhiki is a type of gift decoration. It is done by tying intricate knots out of tightly-twisted paper strings. Each style of knot and each coloration has a different meaning - from celebration, to souvenirs, to going-away presents.

Each bandana is printed in Portland, Oregon.

  • Origin of Fabric: USA
  • Red Mizuhiki
  • Printed in Portland, Oregon
  • Comes with an antiqued brass pin
  • Leather cuff sold separately
  • Size: approx. 20″x20″
  • Product #: PB07
  • Code: WP50
  • Learn more about Japanese Patterns.