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325 NW Couch St. Portland, OR 97209

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Custom Dyed Musashi Zashi Jacket, Kurikawa-Iro

$ 149.00
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This is a custom dyed Kendo jacket made from using traditional Japanese colors.

Kendogi are martial arts jackets meant for Kendo, a sport practicing swordsmanship with wooden swords. Kendo armor was introduced when the sport was introduced in the late Edo period, far after Samurai were abolished from JapanModern Kendogi are made in the same traditional styles as those adopted generations ago.

This particular jacket is hand-stitched, known as "musashizashi" style. Since it is not as durable as usual kendogi, this style is usually used by beginners or people wanting to stand out in events.

Learn more about Kendogi and how to style them into your wardrobe on our blog.

    • Cotton Fabric
    • Product #: MZ02
    • Code: WP25

    S/M (no. 3)
    Chest: 20"
    Shoulder-Shoulder: 21"
    Length: 29.5"
    Sleeve Length: 10.25"
    Sleeve Opening: 5.5"

    XL (no. 5)
    Chest: 21"
    Shoulder-Shoulder: 22"
    Length: 35"
    Sleeve Length: 12"
    Sleeve Opening: 7"