Kelly Pottery, Faceted Yunomi White

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  • Kelly Pottery, Faceted Yunomi White
  • Kelly Pottery, Faceted Yunomi White

Made locally in Portland, Oregon, Kelly Pottery always "looks their best when being used, not sitting on a mantle." Each piece incorporates clean lines that give tradition a sense of modernism. Use as your everyday coffee mug, or pull out for special occasions, whatever the use, Kelly Pottery shows it's true beauty effortlessly in hand. 

  • Product origin: Portland, Oregon
  • Hot and cold safe
  • 3.5 inches tall / 3 inches wide
  • Product #: KP29
  • Code: WP25

*Cups vary slightly in size

Meet the Artist: STEVE KELLY

Steve Kelly of Kelly Pottery is one of Kiriko's carefully selected contemporary potters. His work samples a classic aesthetic while utilizing modern shapes and details to produce unique table top essentials. A craftsman with a deep respect for the trade, Kelly's work speaks for itself. During the apprenticeship, Kelly began to find his own voice and learned the discipline and hard work it takes to run a pottery. Kelly's work is deeply inspired by the Japanese Mingei movement. While he creates very contemporary forms, they are strongly rooted in those folk traditions.

Some of Kelly's favorite local artists:
Liza Rietz, Hazel Cox, Emily Bixler, Hsin Yi Haung, Dana Louis, and Lillith Rocket. Oregon is blessed with some of our country's best wood fire potters, Stephen Mickey, Richard Brandt, Frank Boyden, Ron Lynn, and the list goes on and on.

*Click here to read more about our interview with Steve Kelly.