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1001 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205

Sun-Thurs: 11am-6pm
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Patched Azuki Military Jacket, Ainu with Camo

$ 325.00 $ 276.00

Introducing our Patched Ainu Jacket collection! At Kiriko, we strive to create new pathways by interweaving the culture of the West and East.

We've stylized these jackets with our own designs inspired by traditional Ainu patterns. These maze-like patterns are a symbolic part of the Ainu religion and culture as it was believed that these maze designs could trap evil spirits or protect you against the evil spirits all-together. 

 For more information about Ainu, the indigionus people of Japan, please read our blog post here.

The Ainu design on the back of the jacket consists of three layers of medium: screenprinting, appliqué, and embroidery.

We also embellished the sleeves with our custom designed embroidery patches. Our Kuma Patch features imagery of the Japanese black bear (also known as moon bears or "tsukinowaguma" because of their special crescent-like symbol on their chest). This bear is also a mascot here at Kiriko, representing the Pacific Northwest and old Japan. 

The Ainu Patch on the left sleeve mirrors the maze-like design on the back.  

Using quality military jackets as the base, we've custom dyed using traditional Japanese colors and transformed these jackets into truly unique pieces that are designed just for you.

  • Patched Camouflage Jacket
  • Product #: MJ03
  • Code: NWS
  • Medium

Flat Measurements Medium

Chest Circumfrence: "37-41"
Shoulder-Shoulder: 19"

Length: 29"
Sleeve Length: 22" 
Sleeve Opening Circumfrence: 13"

Flat Measurements Large

Chest Circumfrence: 41" - 45"
Shoulder-Shoulder: 20.5"

Length: 29.5"
Sleeve Length: 23" 
Sleeve Opening: 13.5"

Flat Measurements X-Large

Chest Circumfrence: 45" - 49"
Shoulder-Shoulder: 22"

Length: 29.5"
Sleeve Length: 22"
Sleeve Opening: 14"