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1001 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205

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Patched Kendo Jacket, Yagomi, Obi and Sashiko Patched

$ 325.00

We are always thinking of new ways to showcase our fabric designs. Using vintage Kendogi as the base, we added our Japanese boro fabrics and transformed them into truly unique pieces that are designed just for you. Literally translating to “rags,” or “scraps of cloth” in Japanese, Boro is a symbol of a “use everything and waste nothing” philosophy. Each piece of Boro is unique, growing in its artfulness and character with each tear-then-repair, continuing for countless years.

Kendogi are martial arts jackets meant for Kendo, a sport practicing swordsmanship with wooden swords. Kendo armor was introduced when the sport was introduced in the late Edo period, far after Samurai were abolished from Japan. Modern Kendogi are made in the same traditional styles as those adopted generations ago.

Kendogi are made of a thickly-embroidered cotton Sashiko fabric. Each is dyed a deep indigo that fades with time. The dye and the embroidery are both done to make the fabric more durable. Most jackets are made to last 5 or 10 years of daily practice.

Learn more about Kendogi and how to style them into your wardrobe on our blog.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece so once it's sold, no more will be made.

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Product: PK22
  • Code: WP25

Please note that since this jacket is used, there may be flaws or stains.

Size  (flat measurements)


Chest: 22" approx.
Shoulder-Shoulder: 21.5" approx.

Length: 29.5" approx.
Sleeve Length: 12" approx.
Sleeve Opening: 7" approx.