Pocket Square Kimono Yellow Yagasuri

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  • Pocket Square Kimono Yellow Yagasuri
  • Pocket Square Kimono Yellow Yagasuri

This pocket square is crafted from vintage kimono fabric with a folded, stitched edge that maintains its shape however it's worn.

Our vintage Kimono fabric is one of a kind, imported from Japan. Traditionally, a single bolt of fabric, called a tanmono, produced one kimono. Once slated to be custom-made kimonos, these bolts of fabric are now reimagined into unique, high quality pocket squares.

The Yagasuri (矢絣) pattern depicts the fletching of arrows, which was an important skill in ancient Japan, but continues to be practiced in modern ceremonies. Yagasuri is often seen in graduations and weddings and represents steadfastness and determination, as an arrow that is shot straight never comes back.

Each pocket square is sewn, pressed and packaged by hand in Portland, Oregon.

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Wool
  • Burgundy Leaves Kimono
  • Sewn in Portland, Oregon
  • Size: 10″ x 10″ approx.
  • Product #: PQ37
  • Code: WP50