Tie Indigo Vines

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  • Tie Indigo Vines
  • Tie Indigo Vines
  • Tie Indigo Vines
  • Tie Indigo Vines

Karakusa, or arabesque, is a repeating vine pattern that continues infinitely. It is a symbol for eternity and sometimes a symbol for a family's legacy, like a family tree in Western culture.

Our ties have a classic cut and are made in the United States from unique Japanese fabrics. Complete your outfit with this essential accessory for the refined wardrobe.

  • 59" long
  • 2.5″ at the widest point.
  • 100% Cotton, Lined with silk
  • Pressed and packaged in Portland, Oregon
  • Made in USA
  • Fabric Origin: Japan
  • Product #: KZ56
  • Code: WP50

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