Vintage Boro Blanket, 6

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  • Vintage Boro Blanket, 6
  • Vintage Boro Blanket, 6
  • Vintage Boro Blanket, 6
  • Vintage Boro Blanket, 6

Boro is a utilitarian material. Born from a period when Japan closed its ports to foreign goods, fabrics like cotton became extremely precious and rare. These materials were saved and repurposed from each generation to the next. 

This vintage boro blanket is entirely hand-stitched, made of layers of various types of fabric. It still has tears and holes, some that have been patched over and some that haven't. Sashiko hand stitching runs over this blanket in a grid pattern, reinforcing it. 

Carefully selected and imported from Japan, this product is truly one of a kind. We have not added or done any repairs to this piece. Due to the age of the fabric, it may tear easily and have holes or stains. 

  • Mixed Vintage Boro Fabric
  • Japan
  • Late 1800s ~ Early 1900s
  • Size: 4'8"W x 4'10"L
  • Product #: VI67
  • Code: NWS
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