Vintage Furoshiki, Samasa

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  • Vintage Furoshiki, Samasa
  • Vintage Furoshiki, Samasa
  • Vintage Furoshiki, Samasa
These vintage Furoshiki beautifully exemplify a mix of functionality and versatility. Furoshiki are traditionally used as wrapping cloths, commonly used to carry lunches or to wrap gifts. However, they can have many uses. From a stylish scarf, to an on-the-go table mat, the uses of Furoshiki are limited only to the owner's imagination.

Each Furoshiki scarf is vintage from Japan, each with a unique design. 
  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Material: Cotton
  • Indigo Dyed
  • Size: Approx 28″ x 29"
  • Product #: FS78
  • Code: WP35
**This piece is vintage and imperfections in the fabric may be present.
**Leather cuff not included.