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1001 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205

Sun-Sat: 11am-6pm

Vintage Reversible Hikeshi Jacket

$ 1,200.00

Carefully selected and imported from Japan, this product is truly one of a kind. Once it is sold, no other will be in the same style. This product belongs solely to you.

Firefighter jackets like this one are styled after Edo firefighters, or Hikeshi, from 1603-1867. 

The Edo Firemanship Preservation Association was established in 1939 in order to celebrate the tradition and history of Edo Hikeshi - including uniforms, kiyari songs or chants, and ladder-top stunts - participating and performing in annual festivals and events. This jacket, while not from the Edo period, was instead worn at such events.

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • 100% Cotton
  • Product #: VG01
  • Code: WP25
  • Please note that since this jacket is used, there may be flaws or stains 

Size (flat measurements)
Chest: 22"
Shoulder-Shoulder: 23.5"
Length: 47.75"
Sleeve Length: 11.25" 
Sleeve Opening: 13"

Please note, jackets are sold as is. These truly vintage pieces exhibit slight signs of wear and a mild scent from decades in storage. Due to the age of the fabric, it may tear easily and have holes or stains.