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1001 SW Morrison St. Portland, OR 97205

Sun-Thurs: 11am-6pm
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Vintage Vest, Red Stripes (S)

$ 175.00

Boro is a utilitarian material. Originally a product of the working class (the farmers, craftsmen, and artists) it represents a time when everything including a scrap of fabric was precious. Born from a period when Japan closed its ports to foreign goods, fabrics like cotton became extremely precious and rare. These materials were saved and repurposed from each generation to the next. 

This Vintage Noragi Vest is made of yarn-dyed cotton. It is entirely hand-stitched, and can be reversed to show the black side with striped lapels. Dating from the early 1900s, this vest was made and worn by farmers or the working class. 

Carefully selected and imported from Japan, this product is truly one of a kind. Once it is sold, no other will be in the same style. This product belongs solely to you.

  • Cotton Fabric
  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Product #: VK60
  • Code: WP25
  • Please note that since this jacket is used, there may be flaws or stains


Size (flat measurements)

Mens Small
Chest: 19"
Shoulder-Shoulder: 13.5"

Length: 29"
Sleeve Opening: 11.5"