Behind the Product: Momotaro Bandana

We're always thinking of ways to create products that have meaning and a rich history or story behind the design. Our Momotaro bandanas are no exception. Deriving from an old Japanese folktale, the story starts out with an old, childless couple who discover a boy from inside a peach. The couple name him Momotaro, meaning "Peach Boy" and the boy goes on to slay monsters and champion the notion that big things come in small packages. Momotaro also becomes a popular representation of the Japanese government during World War II giving the notion of power and victory. 

We fell in love with this story and decided to hand-illustrate and print it on our classic square bandanas for truly a one-of-a-kind piece. These bandanas are printed, sewn, pressed, and packaged right here in Portland, Oregon because we want to be a part of the whole process from start to finish and we want to make sure our customers receive great quality products. 

Wear them. Love them. Hand them down. Add another chapter to their story: Yours. 

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