Natural Felt: Making Our Pillows

This year we started working with Natural Felt, a batting-processing company in Portland, to make our pillow inserts. We were tired of using cheap, understuffed inserts, and wanted to be able to provide something that was truly Made Here in Portland.

Natural Felt works with cotton, organic cotton, and recycled polyester fibers, all sourced from here in the US. The air is filled with cotton and a sweet scent.

The factory is 50 years old, but was just recently restored and made into the fiber-processing place it is now. The machines are from around World War II, and were salvaged from various old factories in the Pacific Northwest. Since the machines are so old, and the parts so unique, they have to repair them themselves in the factory.

The cleaned cotton is pumped full of air to separate the fibers, making for dense yet fluffy pillows, blankets, and futons.

They not only process the cotton, but also sew it. They have large industrial machines for mattresses, and a separate (less dusty) room where seamstresses can sew the futons and pillowcases.

From start to finish, everything; our fabric, pillowcases, and pillows; are made by hand with care.

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