Kiriko Noragi Jacket

We came across this Noragi jacket last year. This jacket is about 100 years old and is made with hemp material and dyed with indigo. This particular one stood out to us in a way that no other jackets did. The way it was constructed was not about the fashion, but about the fabrics, and not to waste any bit of it. From sleeves to the jacket, everything was efficiently made so none of the fabrics were going to waste.

After seeing this Noragi jacket, we really wanted a Kiriko version of it. We teamed up with our good friends in LA, Prospective Flow, to work on this project. They are an LA based Japanese apparel design team of brothers. They work with natural fabrics to craft a relaxed, distinct line that blends the ease of Southern California with the traditional style of Japan. They gladly offered us the help of re-building and re-creating this Noragi jacket into a modern light-weight everyday jacket. 

Every piece of this Noragi jacket is made with rectangular pieces so there will be no waste.  

We've added side pockets and Kohaze fasters for the sleeve.