Holiday Gift Guide

A perfect gift to give to your loved ones. Made with modern Japanese fabrics from Japan. All made in the US with a true craftsmanship. For more casual look, shop BORO TIES that are made here in Portland. Made and patched together with vintage pieces, BORO TIES are unique as they are, once its sold nothing same will be made again. A truly unique ties that will immediately become their favorite. 



Soft, comfortable, and knitted caps for the winter season! Made from start to finish here in Portland by Columbia Knit Co., these knits are so cozy that you might want to take them off! Comes in variety of colors for your choice with embossed Kiriko Emblem leather tap attached. 



Made with Kimono fabrics and modern/vintage Japanese fabrics, these pillows will be a great addition to your home. Inserted with Natural Felt's organic cotton and recycled polyester fibers for your comfort when these pillows are used. 



Our collection of vintage and modern Japanese pottery and tablewares are a great small gift to give to friends and your family. With a wide range of prices, these are truly a unique gift that you can't find anywhere else. Handmade from start to finish, these small dishes, cups, and plates can be a great addition to your everyday table.



Featuring Japanese patterns and history, these notebooks are a great gift for people with creative ideas! Let them throw their ideas for their next project in our notebooks that come in two different sizes. 



A travel Dopp Kit bags to put your essentials when you are traveling. A perfect gift for people who loves traveling or camping. Made to last long and to fit in luggages or backpacks. Featuring traditional Japanese Indigo fabrics with unique patterns that will grab anyone's attention. Travel with style. Travel with Kiriko's Dopp Kits.



Our unisex scarves are a perfect gift that can be used all-seasons. Available in variety of weights and styles, a simple scarf that can uplift anyone's outfit. Featuring unique textiles and history that we are trying to carry on. Find the perfect scarf for yourself or your loved ones.



Our classic lines of long-sleeve shirts, featuring bold Japanese patterns. A great piece to layer with vests, jackets, cardigans, or just simply by itself. Stand out in the crowd with our shirts during the holiday.