Broom, Matsunoya
Broom, Matsunoya
Broom, Matsunoya
Broom, Matsunoya
Broom, Matsunoya

Broom, Matsunoya

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Description of Broom, Matsunoya

Founded in 1945, Matsunoya is a wholesaler of household items, or 荒物 (aramono). This term, rarely used in modern times, refers to simple household tools used in daily life such as kitchenware, brooms, and dust pans, among other things. Matsunoya's staff search for items lovingly made in small, local factories and farms and value things made from quality, natural materials.

This product comes in both small and large sizes.

  • Size S:
    • Full Length: 28.5" (approx.)
      • Stick Length: 15.5"
      • Brush Height: 12-13"
    • Width (top of brush): 5"
    • Width (bottom of brush): 8.5-9"
  • Size L:
    • Full Length: 48.5" (approx.)
      • Stick Length: 34."
      • Brush Height: 13-14"
    • Width (top of brush): 7"
    • Width (bottom of brush): 10-11"
  • Made in Japan (partially assembled in China)
  • Material: Bamboo and Palm Fibers
  • Product #: MTN27
  • Code: NWS