Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large
Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large
Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large
Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large
Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large

Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large

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Description of Sushi Rice Tub, Yamaichi, Large

Sushi tubs help cool sushi rice quickly and prevents it from clumping together. They also absorb excess moisture, and its flat bottom works perfect with a sushi paddle.

  • Size 17.25" x 4" Approx.
  • Made in Japan
  • Material: Hinoki wood
  • Product # YAM01
  • Code: NWS

These products are made of real wood, and need to be cared for as listed below


  • After use, wash with water and wipe off excess moisture. If the product gets oily, wash with diluted soap and rinse quickly. 
  • Allow to dry thoroughly in a shaded area before putting it away. Do not dry in sunlight as sun exposure may crack or warp the wood.
  • Spray alcohol to disinfect the product and help to prevent bacteria forming in hard-to-reach areas.
  • It is best to store items wrapped in absorbent paper or cotton cloth in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wood may contain resin, which is natural and harmless. You may remove it with rubbing alcohol or lightly file it off with sandpaper.

Before first use, fill tub with rice water (the white water left behind after rinsing rice), and let sit for about 3 hours. This will lessen the strong scent of the wood. After, wash with water and dry in the shade.

It is possible that the hoop of the tub may come off, or the tub may leak. This happens due to shrinkage of the wood from improper or over-drying. If this occurs, fill tub with water and let it sit. Monitor tub until the wood swells back to its origial size. Once swelling is complete, empty the water, wipe excess moisture, and allow to dry thoroughly in the shade.