Mashiko-Yaki Hand-Painted Spoon, Crosshatch

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  • Mashiko-Yaki Hand-Painted Spoon, Crosshatch
  • Mashiko-Yaki Hand-Painted Spoon, Crosshatch
  • Mashiko-Yaki Hand-Painted Spoon, Crosshatch

Handmade hand-painted pottery from the town of Mashiko. Using local clay that is special to the area, the artisans still practice the same century old techniques to create their wares. As a result, each piece has slight variances in color and texture that make it truly unique.

  • Product Origin: Japan
  • Hot and cold safe
  • Length: 4.5"
  • Product #: MY13
  • Code: WP35

      Mashiko: The pottery mecca of Japan

      When Keizaburo Otsuka found potter's clay in the fertile soil of the Kanto Region in the mid-19th century, Japan gave birth to a pottery mecca: Mashiko. Artists travel to Mashiko from all over Japan to practice pottery even though a craftsman's birth place traditionally decides their craft. In Mashiko this tradition is challenged, acting as a magnet for the creative and adventurous. Most pottery from the area is simple in design, but because of its unique mix of artisans every product holds a "one-of-a-kind" feel.

      The modern style of pottery produced can be attributed to Shoji Hamada, whose influence in the early 20th century caused the first influx in population in Mashiko. His enthusiastic support of young artists proved extremely important in the cultivation of Mashiko. Without his positive attitude towards helping amateurs become masters of pottery, Mashiko would not be the place it is today.

      *The pottery fair is held twice a year in Mashiko, once in the spring during Japan's Golden Week Holiday, and once in the fall around first week of November. There are about 50 shops and as many as 500 tents set up for selling pottery. It is a great chance to enjoy variety of pottery made in Mashiko and to see young artists and potters from the town.