Pocket Square Gold Asanoha

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  • Pocket Square Gold Asanoha
  • Pocket Square Gold Asanoha

Our premium pocket squares feature unique prints sourced and imported from our Japanese heritage manufacturer and a folded, stitched edge that maintains its shape however its worn.

Asanoha Mon (麻の葉紋), a hemp leaf pattern, is a continuing tiled pattern composed of six rhombus. An important material, particularly in pre-industrial Japan, hemp and other natural motifs often made their way into textile designs. Asanoha Mon is often used for kids clothing, as children, like hemp, grow very tall very quickly. 

Each pocket square is sewn, pressed and packaged by hand in Portland, Oregon.

  • Origin of Fabric: Japan
  • Olive Asanoha Pocket Square
  • Sewn in Portland, Oregon
  • Size: 10″ x 10″ approx.
  • Product #: PS54
  • Code: WP50
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