Takada Tawashi - Slim Large
Takada Tawashi - Slim Large
Takada Tawashi - Slim Large
Takada Tawashi - Slim Large

Takada Tawashi - Slim Large

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Description of Takada Tawashi - Slim Large

Tawashi are traditional brushes made from the fibers of the windmill palm. For centuries such brushes have been used in Japan for cleaning pots and dishes. For some seventy years, Takada's artisans have been handcrafting tawashi one at a time, using only the finest, carefully-selected materials harvested from trees cultivated in Wakayama Prefecture, in southwestern Japan. 

Your tawashi lifts away dirt one bristle at a time, so plain water is sufficient for normal washing-up. For greasy or more heavy soiled items, apply only a small amount of dishwashing liquid to the bristles. You can also use it to clean glasses and teacups, fruits, and vegetables, especially tubers and root vegetables like potatoes and carrots. Simply wet your tawashi and rub gently against the skin or peel to lift away dirt without scratching. 

  • Size 5.5”x 2.4”x 1.2" Approx.
  • Made in Japan
  • Material: Windmill palm fibers, Stainless steel
  • Product # TAK04
  • Code: NWS

*Do not put too much pressure on item. After use, remove excess water thoroughly and leave it at a ventilated place.