Behind the Scenes : Making Patched Infinity Scarves

In this post, we're going the behind the scenes of our new Patched Infinity Scarf. Many people asked and were curious about the process of creating this product. Our infinity scarf is patched out of vintage Kimono and Shibori fabrics. The photos in this post show the process of our in-house artist, Emi, making the scarves.

Shibori fabric has an amazing texture. The tiny knots that are hand tied not only create a visual pattern, but also a raised texture. The thin silk fabric is flexible and soft.

Emi begins by gathering fabrics that she can potentially use as a panel for the infinity scarf. Then, she uses her artistic eye to group together fabrics that go well with each other.

Emi measures and cuts fabric to the correct lengths and widths, and also deconstructs kimono jackets to obtain a fabric that she likes.

Next, she lays the panels on the table, seeing how the fabric goes together. Trying different layouts and different orders of the fabrics, she creates truly unique and beautiful infinity scarves.

Once she finds the perfect look that fits our style, she then starts pinning the fabric panels, giving a guide to our seamstress in Portland who sews the scarf into the final product. 

To see the final products of this scarf click here.