Boro Workshop with Nike

This week we hosted a boro workshop here in our studio for Nike's sock design team. Not everyone knew how to sew, but everyone was full of ideas. Each person had their own style and aesthetic, it was inspiring to see all the different creations.

We brought out scraps of Japanese fabrics to patch with; vintage and modern, with various patterns for participants to choose from.

Some people used our scarves as a starting point.

Others brought their own worn clothes, ready to be repaired.

For those who couldn't sew, and to reinforce pieces, we helped out on our sewing machines.  
Of course, everyone still tried to add at least a small hand-sewn touch.


Some of the finished scarves, and a hat!

It was exciting to hold an event like this in our studio. It was much more lively than usual.
Maybe we will be able to invite more people in like this soon...