Ban Inoue's Vision

(Area where products are made)

( Factory where products are made)

Ban Inoue is a textile company from Nara Prefecture that's inspired by the delicate and complex aesthetic of Japan. Drawing much influence from the Azuchi-Momoyama period, Ban Inoue's products follow both the aesthetics of "Hana" - majestic, dynamic, and brilliant beauty - as well as the philosophy of "Wabi" - simple and clear beauty in harmony with nature. What's created is a brand that pairs natural fabrics with rich colors that bloom during the four seasons in Japan. 

(Warp threads being straightened prior to weaving)

Ban Inoue uses a special kind of cotton fabric called Kaya. This beautiful cloth made of pure cotton fabric is formerly used as mosquito netting which is a specialty of Nara Prefecture. Mosquito netting fabric (Kaya) has high absorbency and durability, and is easy to dry, making it the perfect base for these pieces. 

(Large striped Kaya shawl being woven)

(close-up of Kaya fibers being tightened after wash)

(Large Kaya shawls getting dried after wash)

Part of what makes textiles great is the variety of texture each kind of fabric offers. This is why Ban Inoue does not only explore Kaya fabric in their collection, but hemp, linen and ramie fabric as well. 

Each of these types of fabrics are made from natural fibers and because of this, have a very long history.

All Ban Inoue's hemp products are made with the utmost care, using traditional hand-spinning and hand-weaving technique. The hand-weaving technique focuses on each individual thread of Ramie fabric and creates a uniqueness and expressive texture.

On the other hand, the flax fibers from linen fabric use spun yarn instead of hand woven yarn. This creates something that is both malleable, and adds a finish with strong depth and shade. 

The concept behind Ban Inoue is the idea that items for everyday use must be beautiful and in harmony with the modern life while maintaining the traditional beauty and spirituality of Japan. Ban Inoue's fabric and color palettes summarize this concept beautifully with their colorful tableware, and apparel accessories. 

"A truly rich and happy life is not merely achieved by how many things we own in our life."