Interview: Prospective Flow and the Three Brothers

Through mutual friends, we had a chance to meet three Japanese brothers from Prospective Flow about a year ago in Los Angeles, California. Prospective Flow is their apparel brand that uses natural fabrics to craft a relaxed, distinct line that blends the ease of Southern California with the traditional style of Japan. Garment-dyed, loose-fitting and easy to layer, its an apparel label that somehow feels both aggressively contemporary and deeply reverential.

We had an opportunity to work closely with them to create our own version of the Noragi jacket. For those who are not familiar with them, here are some questions that we've asked them to help you get to know them!


For those who may not have heard of your brand before, can you tell us about Prospective Flow. and how you and your brothers started the brand together?

- "Today is the future our ancestors dreamed of. Keep the heritage flowing." Prospective Flow is devoted to the concept of "Onko-chishin", a Japanese idiom meaning: the attempt to discover new ideas by studying the past through scrutiny of the history. All products are designed and cultivated with soul and passion, in hope that one day they will be scrutinized by future generation.


How did you and your brothers started the brand together?

- It was easy and natural decision for us to start the company with brothers. We have been doing things together since we are child and it is always be the same way.


Why LA? What was it that drew you to LA or has kept you there?

- We have been working with local factories since we started the line in 2009. The relationship & friendship with the people who works with us since through the brand kept us here! The cultural and ethnic diversity in the city of Los Angeles also inspired us as designer and a brand. Music, food, art, cafe and more...!


What is the typical design process like for Prospective Flow products?

- We start by gathering visual inspirations for the initial idea. From there we start developing an idea into a concept. With our concept, we sketch designs and begin making patterns.




What is  your inspiration?

- We are inspired by the history and clothes from different cultures. Also the traditional work garment, uniforms, and fabrics. 


How does your heritage have an affect on your designs?

- Our Japanese heritage background had definitely affected our design, and our experiences as foreigner in America. We add exquisite blend of both Japanese and Western touch to our collection.