The Making of You You Ang Incense

We are excited to introduce a new incense brand to our wellness collection! 
YOU YOU ANG Incense is designed to serve the “YOU YOU” lifestyle, in other words, a mindful & tranquil life. Established by Kanako Yoshida, this brand follows the principles of “wabi” (simplicity), sabi (subdued refinement), and iki (elegance).
You You Ang was made with the hopes of creating something that could be used regularly in everyday life and that also represented Japan. Because of Yoshida's love for perfumes and aromatherapy, the idea of making incense came to mind.

One of Yoshida's primary goals was to create a brand that is in tune with every aspect of the therapeutic experience of incense. Yoshida, in the company of six other women, refine & simplify this experience by focusing on the selection of ingredients of the incense from natural sources, the burn time of the incense, and even measure out the distance in which the ashes fall from the incense to make clean up time more efficient.

Furthermore, every package that you receive from YOU YOU ANG is mindfully designed as to further communicate all that this meticulous Japanese brand stands for.

You You Ang's incense is split into five categories:

  • The prayer incense series creates something that is inspired by the traditional Japanese aromas used for meditation. 
  • The tea and coffee series uses real ground tea leaves and coffee beans to mimic the scent of the morning. 
  • The herbal medicine series was designed to ease the mind and spirit by using traditional Chinese herbs that used to be used for cures.  
  • The negative ion series focuses on bringing ambiance to the home by using soft wooden scents. 
  • The wave series is meant to counterbalance lots of activity mind by creating a scent that pairs well with a busy home. 

 We carry a collection of You You Ang products, which you can shop here.