Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2021

Our Kelly Pottery line combines traditional Japanese ceramic ware with a sense of modernism. The items always “look their best when being used, not sitting on a mantle.” Kelly Pottery is a great gift option as it is both functionally and aesthetically unique.

These Japanese Handkerchiefs each display a fun pattern and symbol. Each pattern has its own special meaning behind it. Find that perfect pattern for that special someone.

These beanies are just in time for the season. Find the color that suits your loved one! Folded or unfolded, either way it will be a stylish and warm gift. 


Know someone who needs a pouch? We may have the perfect one for them! We carry pencil pouches, flat zipper pouches and stand-up pouches in various styles and patterns. Perfect for traveling and organizing your items.

Create a perfect kettle of tea for two in the chilly morning or evening. These organic, high-quality, and recycled packaging will immediately become a go-to drink. From spices from all over the world, share or indulge a delicious cup of tea with t-project.


Nothing really comes close as a place to store your best ideas, plans or love notes! These small Katazome notebooks are great for someone that loves to create on the go.


Karu-Ori scarves are lightweight which make them great for layering with your winter outfits or pairing with a t-shirt and jeans during a breezy summer’s day. This is the perfect all-season accessory for your loved one.

Our Simple Tsuno Bags are perfect when you are on-the-go. They are easily foldable and fit nicely in your bag or purse. Tie them to create a quick grocery bag or use the leather handle to make a unique tote bag.

Shoyeido's Incense combines 20 to 50 natural ingredients in precise proportions to create these soothing and evocative scents. Burning incense helps one to relax after a long day and cleanse the home of unwanted smells.

When in doubt, a gift card will allow your gift recipient to choose exactly what they like.